4 Aug 2012


Massive spoiler alert!!!

The winner of the ASUS ROG 2012 Summer has been found and it was the Korean Terran LiquidTaeJa who took home the trophy and the 13.000 dollars.

This guy has been playing like a God for a while now and in the final he dominated MC heavily.
MC might not have played his best games, but TaeJas micro was simply perfect. He made all the right decisions and was able to control different armies at different places superbly numerous times.
Another thing that will really stick in our memory was a number of TaeJas drops where he managed to pull his medivacs back at the very very last second with only a few hitpoints left on them.
Not the closest final and generally todays games weren't as close as one could have hoped.
However it was definitely the right man who won and both MCs second place and ForGGs third place was well-deserved as well.

Overall the event was very professional and it felt like an event that had been made with a lot of focus on providing optimal conditions for the players with regards to good equipment and so forth. At the same time it was an event that was aimed at providing good material for all the viewers watching online. One point of criticism however was that it was certainly not an event that prioritized creating a special live experience. There was room for some fans to watch the games, but they should have probably brought the games or the final at least to the big stage of the Assembly Arena.
MC and TaeJa are without a doubt among the absolute best players in the world right now, and a final like that only gets better if you have thousands of crazy nerds cheering for them.

Congratulations to LiquidTaeJa!

Liquid teammate TLO congratulating TaeJa and ForGG receiving the 3rd place trophy

MC was not happy about getting 2nd place, TaeJa however was quite satisfied with 1st place :)

 The Three Musketeers!

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