4 Aug 2012

Asus Rog Update - TaeJa and ForGG moves on

ForGG and TaeJa just won their quarterfinals and they have now qualified for the Round of 4.

ForGG defeated TheStC 3-2 in a rather close series. ForGG was definitely the better player though.

 ForGG saying wp to TheStC after defeating him. TheStC took the defeat as a man.

LiquidTaeJa on the other hand took out his own teammate LiquidHero 3-1 and with the form TaeJa is in this was no big surprise.

Teammates TaeJa and HerO battling it out. Moon is watching closely as he has already qualified for the round of 4.

HerO was devastated after his loss. He is out of the Asus Rog 2012 but he shouldn't feel too bad as he showed great play throughout the tournament.

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