3 Aug 2012

Day 2 Summary

In the last game of the night SortOf managed to take revenge against TitaN in a nail-biting 3-2 victory. SortOf was naturally incredibly happy with the win and will now represent Scandinavia and Sweden as one of two foreigners among the last 8 players in the tournament.

SortOf was devastated after losing one of the close sets against TitaN

 In the end everything turned out well for him though and after the last game a very relieved SortOf was congratulated by fellow Zerg Suppy

The 4 quarterfinals tomorrow will be:

MC vs. MaNa
Moon vs. SortOf
TaeJa vs. HerO
TheStC vs. ForGG

So we're going to see four mirror matchups.

Who will take first place in this fantastic tournament. It's already certain that a Korean will be in the final. But MaNa or SortOf will have a chance to try and take the other spot in the final.

Our predictions are that the final will be between MC and Taeja, however we are secretly hoping for a SortOf vs. Hero final.

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