2 Aug 2012

Interview: Sortof

The Starcraft Stalker interviewed Sortof after his brilliant performance in the first group stage.

The Starcraft Stalker: Were you nervous when playing your first games?

Sortof: No, not really. The only time I got nervous was when I played the third map vs. Hero. But otherwise I was pretty calm.

TSS: So you weren't intimidated by having to play Hero?

S: A little bit. But after the first game I got really confident because I made a few mistakes and I still felt like he didn't play that well. So after that game I felt that I could win.

TSS: And now that you have won the group, are there any specific player in the tournament that you fear?

S: I don't wanna play any korean terrans, but I think I can beat any protoss that are in the tournament, and probably any zerg as well. I'm just hoping for protoss and zergs.

TSS: Who do you think will win the tournament, or a least place second after you?

S: There are a lot of great players here, but MC maybe. He plays very well at the moment. And Taeja as well.

TSS: Are you cheering for anyone besides yourself?

S: Well, a lot of my friends have been knocked out already, but I'm still cheering for Suppy.

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