3 Aug 2012

SK.MC vs. LiquidHero (ASUS ROG Summer 2012)

1st set on TSL4 ESV Ohana
In the first set Hero blinked aggressively into MC's base and focused on taking out MC's Robotics facility which he managed to do. Unfortunately for him this meant that MC could trap all his stalkers behind his mineral line with perfect use of forcefields. This meant that Hero was well behind MC in army supply so when MC counterpushed Hero had to defend with his probes to tank damage so his colossus could get some shots off. He managed to do so for a time but in the end MC's control was too perfect and with his lead in supply he eventually overwhelmed Hero. Both players played well but Hero was simply too aggressive with that one blink into MC's base. 1-0

2nd set on TSL4 ESV Cloud Kingdom
In the second set Hero once again blinked into MC's base. This time he took out MC's colossus that had just been build. This meant Hero felt safe to expand. At the same time he managed to keep pressure on MC so that he could not expand. This meant that MC had to do an all in attack at some point which Hero held and thus took the game. Ironically the aggressive blink into MC's base which cost Hero the first game, ended up winning him the second. 1-1

3rd set on GSL_Daybreak
The third game was very back and forth. Eventually they both expanded but MC managed to take out Hero's expansion quickly with a stalker blink. At this point MC had already build his robotics before Hero so at this point he was in front on both tech and economy. Eventually both got their expansions running and both a number of colossus. So when MC finally attacked he had a better colossus count and on top of that he managed to position them slightly better and so he took the game. 2-1

4th set on TSL4 Entombed Valley
Both players went for a one base colossus all in and neither knew about the other player's build. At some point MC went for warp prism with warp prism speed and dropped two immortals in Hero's base. With this he took out some of Hero's pylons which supply blocked him for a while. After this Hero went for a push to try and do some counter damage. MC however was waiting for it and held it off easily. This gave MC the final confidence he needed and he counterpushed once again and this push was too much for Hero. MC takes the series 3-1

The Starcraft Stalker filmed the final 2 minutes of the fourth and final set between the players.
Notice how close they are seated to each other and how close to the players the casters Khaldor and Wolf are sitting as well. Hero should have taken out his headphones and listened to the casters. That would have prepared him for everything MC was building :)

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