23 Sep 2012

Dreamhack Valencia RO 16 Recap

Most of the favorites managed to advance from the RO 16, but there were still a few surprises in there. Vortix beat Violet 2-0 which I guess was a bit of an upset, but with the way Vortix has played ZvZ lately, it wasn't that big of a surprise.

Another small upset was perhaps that TargA knicked home-favorite Lucifron out of the tournament, but TargA has truly played fantastically in this tournament and he really did so in this series as well.

Our favorite series in the RO 16 was between SaSe and Moon and it was a really close series with each claiming one of the two first sets.

The third and deciding set was on Cloud Kingdom and a very back and forth game.

After both players had taken their third Moon put on a lot of pressure with roaches by poking at Sase's third and ramp to the natural.

Moon then did a massive roach drop in SaSe's natural while attacking at the third and even though SaSe controlled his units quite well he still took massive damage.
So SaSe lost a ton of probes but with regards to army Moon lost way more than Sase. And after Moon's huge aggression SaSe was far behind in economy and supply, but he still had a pretty powerful army.

Moon invested a lot (perhaps too much) in constantly continuing the aggression while taking two expansions. SaSe though kept defending really well with his army and practically surviving with all his army units in every engagement. Because Moon threw away a lot of army supply SaSe's army was suddenly a lot bigger.
Moon though still had a way better economy. So Moon tried to delay SaSe's army from moving out by doing run-bys and so forth. But SaSe's played perfectly by sending the right amount of units to different expansions while putting pressure on in the middle.

In the end Moon had absolutely no answer for SaSe's army, and was forced to GG.
So SaSe took a win in a really cool game and series overall and moved on to the RO 8.

SaSe vs. Moon = 2-1

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