21 Sep 2012

General update

So this weekend the 2012 Dreamhack Open: Valencia will take place.

If you haven't seen it they did a pretty cool trailer for it a while ago: Dreamhack Valencia 2012 Trailer

64 great players (mostly europeans) will battle for the 22,000 $ prize pool along with the honor and seeds for the Dreamhack winter.

We feel that it's a bit sad that our local hero FXOBabyKnight wasn't invited to Valencia, even though he just finished in fifth place at the WCS Europe finals, but I guess there isn't a lot we can do about it.

Anyway, of the europeans competing, besides Stephano we would say that home favorites Vortix and Lucifron should probably be expected to go far.

But as usual the small bunch of koreans participating will make it hard for any of them.

Oh and btw don't forget to vote for BabyKnight here: GSL world championship - european poll

You can vote until sunday and he desperately needs your vote. Currently he isn't in the top 16 which he needs to be to qualify for the tournament, where the 16 players with the most votes will battle for the chance to represent the world against korea.

And if you didn't have a chance to go the WCS Europe Finals last weekend and experience what many people called the most awesome SC2 event so far, here are some cool pictures for you that our friend Jack Heinonen took at the event.

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