5 Sep 2012

GSL season 4 code S group C (round of 32)


OMG! Today's group was MC, Jaedong, Curious and MarineKing. Another Group of horrific death.

First series of the day was MC vs. Jaedong. The most accomplished Protoss in SC2 against the most accomplished zerg in Broodwar.

First game was epic. Jaedong showed beautiful strategic skills. He build a rather big number of mutalisks, like 13, early on with the purpose of taking out MC's sentries. This worked out perfectly and Jaedong was thus able to deny MC's third for a long time simply with Zerglings.
Jaedong took the entire map and build around 35 spinecrawlers everywhere.
Unfortunately a MC on three bases is still scary as hell, even if you have the entire map. Jaedong had a billion of fully upgraded Broodlords and Infestors, but in the end MC just kept winning all the big engagements and MC was able to take the game

Second game was on whirlwind. MC did a one base push with some sentries and zealots, while expanding. It did some damage at Jaedongs natural but he actually defended pretty well.
From there on Jaedong tried to be more aggressive than he had been in game 1 by overlord dropping a lot of places with roaches. MC however kept stabilizing while secured his third as well.
When MC was at max supply he pushed out and once again he crushed Jaedong in the engagements and he won the game.

MC vs. Jaedong 2-0

The second series was between Marineking and Curious.

First game was on Emtombed Valley. Marineking went mech while actually expanded at the same rate as Curious or almost faster. He just seemed to keep building planetarys and orbitals all over the map.
Anyway. Curious never actually looked like any real kind of threat to Marineking in that game and in the end Marinekings massive amount of thors and vikings rolled over the infestors and Broodlords of Curious.

Second game was on Daybreak. Curious went for a nydus that he placed just outside of Marineking's natural. And as Marineking had his helions out on the map, Curious attacked with a number of roaches and two queens from the Nydus and he just did a ton of damage to Marineking. The rest of the game was just Marineking holding on because of his insane micro skills. But eventually Curious overwhelmed him and claimed the second game.

Third game was on Antiga Shipyard. It was a very back and forth macro game. We definitely had Marineking as the favorite to take this set, especially on that particular map. But Curious seemed to be all over the place, and not in a bad way, but in the way that zerg is supposed to be. Curious managed to do a lot of damage to Marinekings main and third with a bunch of mutas that Marineking had not expected at all or prepared for. Then later on Curious killed a billion SCVs at Marinekings third with a bunch of banelings. Marineking never caught up in supply but he stayed in the game for a long time, once again holding on with very good micro that won him most of the engagements. But Curious had taken so many bases that his brilliant economy allowed him to remax again and again.
So Curious took the series, and he showed that he certainly belongs in code S.

Curious vs. Marineking = 2-1

Third series was between the two winners, MC and Curious, for the first position in the group and a spot in the round of 16.

First game was on Antiga Shipyard and it was absolutely amazing. In fact everyone in the world should watch it right now.
We don't even know how to describe it but we will try.
It was a game in which both player looked fantastic at so many different times. For most of the game Curious was the aggressive one, and MC looked like he was far behind. But around the 25 minute mark MC attacked the fourth and the main of Curious at the same time and managed to take out the fourth and do a lot of damage in the main. Curious had all his Broodlords in the center of the map so MC really took advantage of his advantage in mobility.
However the game continued with Curious doing some great pushes. Anyway, in the end it turned into an epic basetrade where Curious finally only had a few spore crawlers left that he was moving around with his army while taking out all MC's remaining structures. MC tried to snipe the spores but he couldn't, and Curious took the game when he killed MC's last pylon.

Second game was on Cloud Kingdom. MC did a very cool greedy opening (Nexus, Gateway, forge) upon scouting that Curious was once again doing a greedy 3 quick hatcheries build again. At some point MC did a classic MC 2 base push with sentries/stalkers/zealots on the third base of Curious. Curious decided to do a counter push with zerglings and mutas because he felt like he could hold his third with a number of spines. He suddenly realized that he couldn't though so he turned around to defend. MC however took out the third with no problem and went for the natural. He couldn't break this however and he lost most of his army.
This also meant he didn't have any defense against the Mutas of Curious, and thus they managed to take out MC's main and a lot of his gateways and pylons. From this point on MC was far behind and even though there was a long period where he showed some superb Phoenix micro against Mutas, he eventually lost because Curious was far ahead in economy and supply. So Curious took the series and a surprising first place in the group.

Curious vs. MC = 2-0

Fourth series was between the losers of the first two games, Marineking and Jaedong who had to battle for the chance to take on MC for the second spot in the round of 16.

The first game was Antiga Shipyard once again. Jaedong invested heavily in mutas which turned out to be a good idea if you are Jaedong and known as the best muta user ever. Marineking went Mech and Jaedong just used the mobility of his mutas and managed to kill a billion SCVs. Eventually his economy was just so much better than Marinekings that he could overrun him.

Second set was on entombed Valley. Marineking build 2 proxy barracks but Jaedong scouted them. This caused Marineking to bring all his SCVs in an attack. He placed a bunker by Jaedongs natural and Marineking simply handled the situation much better than Jaedong and MKP defended the aggressive bunker perfectly. Eventually Jaedong had lost too many drones and zerglings, and was going to lose his natural so Marineking took the set.

Third set was on Daybreak. It was a really close game with a lot of good engagements on both parts. Marineking managed to get his third up and running relatively fast without getting bothered. But then Jaedong did quite a lot of damage with his mutas in Marinekings main again.
Eventually Marineking did a big push with tanks/marines/medivacs and Jadong decided to counterpush. It turned into a basetrade where they both lost practically all structures. In the end though Jaedong only had a few buildings left so he tried to attack Marinekings army with a lot of banelings that was all he had left. But Marinekings marine splitting was perfect and he took the game and the series, and with that knocked Jaedong into the up and down matches.
Jaedong however has proved that he is certainly close to matching the best players in SC2 in skill.

Marineking vs. Jaedong = 2-1

So last series of the day was Marineking against MC. On paper a match that could have easily been a final in any GSL.
First set was on Ohana and Marineking did a 1 base all in push with tanks and marines. MC however held it and this gave him a big lead as he was on two bases. Marineking did manage to transition a bit out of it and expand. MC however was constantly 20 supply ahead of him and when they finally engaged again MC had a number of colossi that just tore Marinekings army apart. So MC took the first set.

Second set was on Antiga Shipyard. It was a weird game. MC did a very defensive build that never really seemed to make any sense. He didn't really do a serious push, but at the same time allowed Marineking to take his third way before himself so MC just got far behind.
And MC never really recovered from this. So Marineking got a win that in reality seemed to spring out of MC never really knowing what he wanted to do in that set.

Third set was even weirder. Marineking went for helions plus cloaked banshees. MC however scouted the factory and went for early starport, and then a robotics bay which was of course the perfect counter. He build around 4 phoenixes and went to marinekings base to do some damage. The problem was that he for some odd reason cancelled his robo, and then restarted it too late. So when Marineking's cloacked banshee arrived there was no defense and it killed around 15 probes.
After that MC wanted to transition into Colossus tech, but instead of a robotics support bay, he accidentally build another robotics bay, which was of course absolutely useless when marineking eventually pushed with tanks and bio units. Especially since MC didn't have the economy to support immortal production on both bays. So he lost the game and the series due to a number of strange mistakes that didn't look like something one usually sees from MC. Maybe he was tired at this point or maybe he was out spending some of all his money on drugs and strippers the night before, who knows?
Anyway, Marineking moved on, even though his play today didn't look like some of the best play he has shown. All in all it actually felt like MC was a better player today, but he just fell apart in the last two games, which was of course pretty unfortunate for him.

Marineking vs. MC = 2-1

So it was Curious & Marineking that moved on from today's group, but we feel that both MC and Jaedong will be definitely be back in code S next season.

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