2 Sep 2012

GSL Season 4 groups

So the code S groups for GSL season 4 has been announced and there is definitely a potential for some epic matches in the group play.

Check the groups out here!

There are two foreigners competing this season and they are both protoss. Naniwa of course was automatically qualified as he made it to the round of 8 last season, and Mana was seeded into the up and down matches by the GSL, where he managed to impress and claim his spot in the code s.
Unfortunately for Mana he has ended up in the absolute group of death.
It's group E, and besides MaNa it consists of TaeJa, Mvp and MMA. They are without a doubt 3 of the bests Terrans in the world. In fact, TaeJa and Mvp are probably the two bests Terrans in the world right now so this group will be nasty indeed.
MaNa does however have a very strong PvT so maybe he can perform a miracle and move on.
We will be cheering for him.

The tournament starts tomorrow with group A, consisting of Seed, SoHoSin, Leenock and Parting. With Seed being the GSL champion and Leenock being the MLG champion we have these two as favourites, but Parting and SoHoSin certainly won't make it easy for them.
Let's see who grabs the first two spots in the round of 16.

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