16 Sep 2012

WCS Europe Finals update


Unfortunately it is over for our danish hero BabyKnight.

He went up against teammate LoWeLy who is from Belarus in what turned out to be a pretty depressing series. At least if you're a BabyKnight fan.

FXOBabyKnight vs. FXOLoWeLy

In the first set BabyKnight went for a typical Forge Fast Expand. Lowely had a few zerglings trying to run through BabyK's wall at the natural.
BabyK placed a quick pylon to protect his natural until the cannon could finish.
He then wanted to cancel the pylon after the zerglings were gone but accidentally cancelled his Nexus.
This seemed to throw BabyK completely of and he then forgot to cancel the pylon at the wall so that he was completely walled in, and had a lot of structures in an awkward place.
From here BabyK probably felt that he was far behind so he decided to take a very quick third.
This was very risky and probably not wise, as LoWeLy had gone for an aggressive 2 base build.
LoWeLy decided to put constant baneling/zergling pressure on BabyK's third and natural and for a while BabyK was able to defend, but LoWeLy was enough ahead that he could just keep sending units.
Eventually LoWeLy just took his fourth and fifth and BabyK could do nothing and even though BabyK got some colossi out, it was enough.
LoWeLy took the game easily.

Second set was on Ohana and this time BabyK didn't do any major mistakes but you still had a feeling that he was probably somewhere in his head still regretting the mistakes from the first game.
BabyK went for three bases relatively quick, but LoWeLy once again stayed on 2 bases for a long time to get some aggression going.
He put on some baneling/zerglings pressure, and then later dropped zerglings in BabyK's main with overlords. He did this a couple of times and every time BabyK had to passively warp in stalkers to try and save his probes.
BabyK never really felt safe enough to move out and LoWeLy simply took a lot of bases all around the map.
Eventually BabyK moved out and did have some decent engagements, but LoWeLy's economy and map presence was just way better and the game never really got close.
BabyK typed in GG WP and sadly that was the end of his WCS run.

LoWeLy vs. BabyKnight = 2 - 0

But the most important thing was that he managed to qualify for WCS world finals in Shanghai and he can certainly be proud of his results this weekend.

We went to our local Barcraft at CafeAE in Copenhagen to watch and cheer for BabyKnight.

It is of course always fantastic to watch SC2 at a bar with other nerds, but today the general mood suddenly turned somewhat blue as everyone was naturally a bit disappointing that BabyK didn't perform better.

But that's how it goes sometimes, and as the grand final gets nearer the mood will definitely improve again as people get drunker and get to enjoy some great final matches.

Stephano just beat Vortix 2 - 0 in the winners bracket final and he is now waiting in the grand final for either LucifroN, LoWeLy or Vortix again if he can make it back from the Losers bracket final.

Whoever meets Stephano in the grand final will have a very hard job ahead of him, as Stephano is certainly looking like a WCS Europe Final Champion. But let's see, everything can happen...

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