9 Oct 2012

Predictions for GSL semifinals

Tomorrow it's time for the GSL semifinals and here are who their GSL statistics say will move on to the finals!

The first match is between LG-IM_Mvp (!) and SKtelecom_Rain (also (!) and (omg, it will be INSANE)).
Mvp has a win rate of 70,4 % against protoss so this is, on paper, his best matchup. Rain has a crazy win rate of 80 % against terran. It has has to be said though, that Rain has only played 6 official matches in the GSL.

The second semi-final will be between Liquid_TaeJa and StarTale_Life.
TaeJa has a 72,2 % win rate against zerg while Life has a win rate of 62,5 % against terran with it being his least favorite matchup statistically. But Life hasn't played that many GSL matches against Terran yet, and generally he actually owns this matchup as well.

So according to the GSL statistics we will see Rain and TaeJa move on to the finals, but will that actually be the case? We say: "no idea whatsoever" and look forward to tomorrow. They all play insanely well at the moment and we are sure that the matches will all be "the best series we've seen in the GSL. EVER." According to Tastosis anyway.

If someone threatened us with a big gun and forced us to pick who we were rooting for we would have to say Rain and Life. They have impressed us the most this season and deep down we think that they will be this season's finalists.

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