30 Jul 2012

ASUS ROG Summer 2012

From Thursday to Sunday the Summer Assembly 2012 in Helsinki will host the fourth ASUS ROG StarCraft II Tournament.
32 of the best SC 2 players will be there, and so will The Starcraft Stalker of course.

We will do our best to try and get some funky interviews with some of our favorite players or casters, while we enjoy all the great games that are hopefully going to take place over the weekend.

We can't wait to see fantastic players like Liquid_Hero, EG.HuK, SK_MC, LiquidTaeJa, EGPuMa, EGDeMusliM, LiquidRet, EG.IdrA, EmpireViOLet and many others battle to get their quick nerdhands on part of the 30.000 dollar prize pool.

There are also 9 great Scandinavian players participating, all of whom we hope can perform well.

A special cheer from us goes out to BabyKnight of course, since we are from Denmark and thus a bit biased. However he will have to play his very very best to stand any chance of advancing as he has been placed in the same group as MC.
But yeah, it's not every day you get a chance to test your skills against a two time GSL winner and recent finalist.

For general information on the event click here: ASUS ROG Summer 2012

And please check out The Starcraft Stalker for cool updates, photos, videos and interviews during and after the event.

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