29 Jul 2012

GSL finals: MC vs Seed


A pretty one-sided and disappointing final that was almost over before it began. IMSeed took the first couple of games quickly with the same build twice. In both games he tricked SK_MC by canceling the second assimilator and doing a 4 gate + warp prism all in. In the third game MC was punished for expanding early by flawless blink stalker play by Seed who took the game easily.

MC did manage to take the fourth game by doing a very fast 4 gate with a hidden pylon in Seeds base. The fifth and final game went into a long game with a colossus based army from both players. For a long time it looked as though it could go both ways, but when the two armies met, Seed positioned his collosi much better. MC had also thrown away two immortals earlier in the game so all in all his play seemed a bit off.

So Seed took the series 4-1. Congratulations to him even though we would have preferred a closer series.

A cool thing Seed did in the third game was a gas and mineral steal. He build an assimilator in MCs main and then just went back and forth between the assimilator and the mineralfield stealing quite a bit of gas and minerals.

All in all impressive play by Seed who simply looked better prepared than MC.

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