29 Jul 2012

Nordic participants found for the WCS European Championship

So it has been decided who is going to represent Scandinavia in the WCS European Championship.

From Denmark it's our great FXOBabyknight. This is no real surprise, but still very nice that he was able to deal with the pressure and qualify. He is a great player and a cool guy, and we will definitely be cheering for him.

From Sweden it was EGThorzain, AISeiplo and WWSortOf who qualified. All of them great players, however it cannot be denied that it was a big surprise that neither Naniwa nor SaSe managed to qualify. Not to take anything away from the three other players but SaSe and especially Naniwa certainly didn't play up to their best at the Swedish Nationals.
It was nice to see Naniwa battle Thorzain since it's a natural rivalry (as they are the two best Nordic players based on results) but Thorzain was certainly the best player on that day. In the game Naniwa lost to SortOf it actually felt a bit like Naniwas head was somewhere else completely.

From Finland it was FnaticNaama who qualified. He is a very promising Terran and in the final of the Finland nationals he took out the protoss player Elfi who really played great as well.

And finally it's going to be Noticimus who will represent Norway. This fine Protoss looked very strong against both Zerg and Terran, as he managed to take out players like Snute and Seriously.

So we will have three Protoss, two Terran and one Zerg representing Scandinavia in the WCS European Championship which will take place on September the 15th to 16th and we believe all of them has potential to do well.

Generally though, Stephano will probably enter as the overwhelming favorite. But know knows. If all the other 31 players gang up on him they might have a chance :)

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