20 Jul 2012

BabyKnight joins FXOpen!

We are from Denmark and to be honest the danish Starcraft 2 scene is quite depressing. Therefore it's always great news when anything good happens to cool danish Starcraft 2 players.
In our opinion BabyKnight is the best danish SC 2 player and we have been following him for a long time. We have also been wondering why he hasn't been sent to more tournaments since he definitely has had the talent to do well against top players for a long time.
Hopefully FXOpen has the capacity to help him become an even greater player and also send him to a lot of big tournaments where he can take out billions of nerds.

Check out his Twitter here: http://twitter.com/#!/BabyKnightSc2

With regards to why we think the danish Starcraft 2 scene is depressing there are a lot of reasons.
For instance if you compare Denmark to Sweden, as a danish SC 2 enthusiast you almost want to kill your self. There are so many great Swedish SC 2 players and only a few from Denmark.
The reasons for this are many, we believe. For starters Sweden certainly has a greater tradition for big LANs and tournaments in general.
Furthermore gaming is considered a waste of time by A LOT of older (50+) people in Denmark.
And on top of that there are actually so many young people as well, who laugh at the idea of competitive gaming and professional gamers. This is probably the same in most countries outside Korea, but it often feels a bit extreme in Denmark.
However this is changing of course, and no doubt one day soon we will all find our parents getting drunk at a Barcraft event.

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