20 Jul 2012

Symbol vs. Seed in GSL round of 8

The Bo5 series between IMSeed and TSL_Symbol in the GSL round of 8 was great. Symbol was arguable the most hyped player at that moment and Seed had also shown great play in the earlier rounds so the expectations for the series were really high.
Although these games took place more than a week ago we'll still try to avoid spoilers when it comes to the specific results of the game.

What was really interesting was that TSL_Symbol reintroduced an kind of oldschool style of ZvP in that he insisted on investing quite a lot on ranged hydras in practically every game. This was without a doubt his way of trying to counter IMSeeds well known godlike forcefield abilities.
In a lot of ways this worked well for TSL_Symbol and there weren't many moments where the hydras looked really silly (as they often do for instance when trapped off creep).
However the problem for TSL_Symbol was not in itself his usage of hydras, but the fact that it seemed like his investment in hydras caused his general play to be less creative and certainly less mobile. And this was a big contrast to his play from earlier rounds where he was constantly doing insane stuff ten different places on the map.

Great series anyway. Go watch.

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