20 Jul 2012

Best foreigner in the world!

One of the most interesting and discussed questions on the Starcraft 2 scene is always who the best foreigner is?

At the moment, based on results from the last couple of months, we believe most people would say the contest primarily stands between QuanticNaNiwa and MillStephano.

QuanticNaNiwa has managed to reach round of 8 twice in a row in the GSL and MillStephano just won NASL Season 3. Both players are playing great at the moment and on top of that they both have a lot of charisma in the sense that a lot of people in the community have strong opinions about them.

Therefore it would be fantastic if MillStephano were to participate in the next GSL since it would be interesting to see who could get the furthest of the two.
It could be the beginning of a deadly rivalry as well :)

Unfortunately it's hard to say if it will be possible for MillStephano to participate since there is at least a month till the next GSL starts and we don't know when exactly MillStephano can stay in Korea.

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