21 Jul 2012

Day 1 of MLG Summer Arena

Watch out for SPOILERS below:

A lot of people are saying that the difference in skill between foreigners and Koreans is decreasing, but day 1 of the MLG Summer Arena certainly didn't support this theory.
Overall most Koreans had a very easy time winning their games. Only big surprise was perhaps that Welmu defeated EGPuma, but Pumas play hasn't been super impressive lately.
Generally LiquidTaeja impressed us the most. Especially his beautiful use of Ghosts (perfect EMPs and Snipes) against Welmu.
Unfortunately the Scandinavian hope SaSe lost to LosirA in round 2, but SaSe didn't play his best games and we still feel he has a good chance of going far in the tournament through the loser's bracket.
A lot of great games coming up. We are hoping for a Hero vs. Stephano match in round 6 of bracket 1 and a Taeja vs. Alive in round 6 of bracket 2.

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