23 Jul 2012

MLG Summer Arena - SPOILERS

The MLG Summer Arena is over and all there is to say is a big fat congratulations to Taeja.
His victory was well-deserved and he was easily the player that impressed us the most throughout the event. His control with his ghosts and drops in the final series against Alicia gave us lots of nerdy goose bumps. Actually come to think of it Taeja used ghosts in every set against Alicia didn't he? That's how we remember it right now anyway.

Our favorite game of the event however, was Stephano vs. Ryung in the loser's bracket round 4. This BO3 series was so freaking tense. Both were fighting so hard to stay in the tournament.
The third game was insane and we thought both players had it in the bag like 4 times, and every time the other player came back. There were brilliant and poor engagements from both, but the excitement in the entire game was so nail biting. Just watch it man!

Another great pleasure throughout the tournament was watching the games of IMFirst. His great play surprised us a bit, and he just seemed to have an excellent overall game sense in every math we watched.

All in all a really cool event although a few more toplevel foreigners might have helped if the Koreans were to be challenged. The only ones that ever really stood a chance were Sase and Stephano and they didn't really have it in them to go all the way this weekend. Even though Stephano played great as usual in almost every game.

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