17 Sep 2012

A New Race in Starcraft 2!

Breaking News!

We just heard from very secret sources that Blizzard has suddenly decided to include an entire new race in the upcoming expansion, Heart of the Swarm.

Apparently they have been working on this new race called The Nesteas for quite some time!

The race will be quite different from the other three races in the sense that the player will only have one unit to control.
This hero unit will be called The Nestea and some of it's abilities include "total evaporation" and "ragnarok".

Here is a picture of the new hero unit THE NESTEA. (it's a lot bigger in real life)

Apart from this unit the race will include a lot of small AI-controlled Mini-Nesteas that will spawn every 15 seconds and automatically move towards the enemy base attacking everything in their way.

The idea is that this fourth race will appeal to all the DOTA and LoL fans out there, in that they only have to control this one unit.
With this in mind Blizzard is no doubt trying to lure some of the DOTA and LoL players over to Starcraft 2.

Our source has told us that early testing of this new race resulted in complaints that The Nestea unit was far too powerful and desperately had to be nerfed before the game could be launched.

Apparently Blizzard then tried meeting their demands, but to their horror realized that the unit could not be nerfed.

Blizzard put all their best programmers on the task, but the more they tried nerfing the unit, the more powerful it just became.

Eventually it was the programmers that got nerfed by The Nestea, and many of them have now retired early claiming to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress.

So in the end Blizzard has decided that the race will not be altered any further and that the game will be released with the new race staying exactly as it is.

We can't wait to see how this new race will affect the meta game of SC2.

- The content of this post is entirely fictional. We apologies for all the silliness.

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