18 Sep 2012

GSL World Championship

It was announced some time ago that another GSL World Championship will be held in connection with the IPL5 which takes place in Las Vegas in the last weekend of november .

The idea is that the seven best foreigners in the world will battle against the best koreans in an epic Korea vs. the world showdown.

It has now been decided how the seven players that will represent the world is gonna be selected.

NaNiWa and Stephano were both given a spot by GomTV so there are five spots left for other players.

To find these players two polls have been established.
One for Europe and another for North America, South America and South East Asia.

Everyone then has a chance to vote for the players they think should represent the world and then on september the 23rd the 16 players in each poll with most votes, will qualify for two separate tournaments that will determine who gets to participate in the World Championship.

Here are the links to the polls where you can vote.

North America/South America/South-East Asia Poll

European poll

In all honesty it's feels a bit weird that it's decided by a poll what 16 players will get a chance to fight for the spots.

It doesn't seem fair simply because, as we all know, the most popular and famous players aren't necessarily the best players at the moment,

But oh well. I guess people never get tired of a good old popularity contest...

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