15 Sep 2012

BabyKnight vs. WhiteRa (WCS Europe Finals round 2)


We were so thrilled about the fact that BabyKnight had to play WhiteRa in the second round of the Winner's bracket. A very well-mannered legend against an upcoming well-mannered hero.

1st set was on entombed valley.
BabyK spawned in the top left corner and WhiteRa in the bottom left corner.
Whitera went for a robo and then a warp prism.
Babyknight went for 3 gate with blink and observer.
WhiteRa then went for an early zealot drop with his warp prism.  He dropped two zealots in BabyK's main and spawned 2 additional zealots.
BabyK had already moved out on the map so he didn't have any defense in his main but he reacted very quickly and moved his probes away from harm.
Then he hurried back with his army and he managed to blink in and snatch WhiteRa's warp prism.
From there he went towards WhiteRa's main.
He blinked up the ramp and took out WhiteRas two immortals.

WhiteRa had a colossus on the way but BabyK managed to take out all WhiteRa's other troops and then when the Colossus popped out it was all alone and WhiteRa could do nothing but GG.

2nd set was on cloud kingdom
BabyK went for the exact same 3 gateway, blink and observer build again.
Whitera went for a robotics producing immortals along with 3 gateways into expansion.
BabyK managed to take out WhiteRa's first observer as it was unfortunate enough to arrive in BabyK's base just when BabyK's own observer came out of his robo.
From there BabyK pushed out on the map looking to use his blink stalkers to harass both WhiteRa's main and natural.
At this point WhiteRa had two immortals along with some sentries and other gateway units, and for a while he defended really well taking a stand quite aggressively preventing BabyK from accessing both his main and natural..
BabyK didn't really lose any stalkers though because of his good blink micro, and at some point Babyk was able to take out WhiteRa's second observer.
This triggered BabyK to blink into WhiteRa's main where he took out a decent amount of probes and a pylon.
Then when WhiteRa got back with his army, BabyK retreated again going for some harassment at WhiteRa's natural.
BabyK constantly used beautiful aggressive blinks forward to snatch immortals and sentries.

He then lured WhiteRa back into the main again, only to return to the natural this time bringing a sentry that he used to block the ramp.
At this point WhiteRa's army was trapped in his main, and BabyK could safely take out WhiteRa's natural and since the expansion was the only advantage WhiteRa had left there was nothing to do but GG.

BabyKnight vs. WhiteRa = 2-0

Naturally BabyK was extremely relieved afterwards.

Since the game was played on the main stage, BabyK had to do an interview after his win.
BabyK isn't exactly experienced on big stages and although he didn't look like he felt at home up there as the center of attention, he still managed to create a few laughs.

Next opponent for BabyK is the cool Zerg player Ret, so he will probably have to use a different build than his PvP blink stalker build :)
BabyK has beated Ret before but generally PvZ isn't his strongest matchup. 
Hopefully BabyK can ignore this fact and take out Ret once again.

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