15 Sep 2012

BabyKnight vs. Seiplo (WCS Europe Finals)


So the first round of the WCS Europe finals is underway and we of course had to watch the FXOBabyKnight vs. AiSeiplo game.

In the first set BabyKnight went for blink stalkers and Seiplo went for a stargate and then robo build.
Babyk blinked unto Seiplo's ramp and did a perfect force field that trapped part of Seiplo's army. Furthermore he was able to snipe Seiplo's single immortal.
From here it was pretty much game over. Seiplo's had a bunch of Phoenixes, but they weren't able to help out much against BabyK's stalkers.
So Babyknight took the first game on account of perfect micro and execution.

In the second set both went players for blink stalkers, but Seiplo did a really quick blink build order whereas Babyk went for an early robo as well so his blink was a bit slower.
When Seiplo moved out BabyK actually seemed to fall apart a bit in the engagements.
There were a couple of times where he actually won the initial engagement but then got greedy and blinked forward too aggressively which Seiplo punished him for.
Therefore Babyk never felt calm enough to get his immortal production running and as they both expanded Seiplo was able to deny BabyK's expansion without BabyK even cancelling it. From here on Seiplo was far ahead in economy and army supply.
BabyK tried to push on Seiplo's natural but couldn't do any real damage and Seiplo took the game on account of a cool build order, but also because of some poor engagements on BabyK's part.

Third set was on Ohana and a really nice game.
Seiplo did a greedy but cool 1 gate expand and then robo.
Babyk went for blink stalkers once again and boy oh boy does he love those blink stalkers.
BabyK never scouted the expansion so this was good for Seiplo who had time to get some immortals out. Seiplo however decided to get extra greedy and build a robotics support bay as well.
When BabyK arrived at Seiplo's natural he was able to snipe all of Seiplo's immortals by using perfect blink micro. On top of that BabyK was a lot more patient than in game two and he kept moving back every time his stalkers were threatened.
Seiplo tried to defend the best he could but new stalkers kept streaming in for BabyK who didn't make a single mistake in any of the engagements.
Eventually his army supply was simply way bigger and he was able to expand himself while taking out Seiplo's expansion and pushing into the main.
So HOORAY! BabyKnight took the series.
But Seiplo is a really cool player and we hope he can do well in the loser's bracket.

BabyKnight vs. Seiplo = 2-1

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