15 Sep 2012

WCS Europe finals

Today's the big day!

The WCS europe finals in Stockholm will begin in less than an hour and we are excited as hell.

The 32 best European players are fighting for the honor of calling themselves the best european player. On top of that they are all there to fight for their share of the 60.000 dollar prize pool and more importantly the six seeds for the world finals in Shanghai later this year.
Check out the brackets here

Above everyone else we are of course cheering for our danish hero FXOBabyKnight!
To honor him we've created a small "dramatic chipmunk"-inspired video, and in our unbiased opinion he is even cuter than the original chipmunk.

Apart from BabyKnight we will also be cheering for two following really cool Nordic players.

But most of all we are just looking forward to seeing a ton of great games.

Check out the main stream here

Oh and if you haven't heard blizzard just announced that the prizepool for the world finals in Shanghai will be a neat 250.000 $ with 100.000 $ going directly to the winner.
Not bad at all for the nerd who ends up winning it.
Especially since we all know that nerds only need money for two things.
Computergear and energydrinks.

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