28 Sep 2012

BO 69 series between BabyKnight and Snute - Updates and Summary

We'll try and do a short overview of the insane BO 69 series taking place right now between FXOBabyKnight and GLSnute.

Check out the stream here, with Kaelaris casting

We're probably not going to watch all of the games, but we'll update the results from the games we do get to see.

BabyKnight vs. Snute - BEST OF 69 !!!

1. on NeonNights - Snute did some early roach aggression and got lead that eventually won him the game = 0 - 1

2. on iCCup Match Point - BabyK played carefully all game, deflected Snute's roach drops and eventually outlasted Snute = 1 - 1

3. on TPW One Must Fall - BabyK went for 2-base mass gateway all-in and killed Snute's fourth, but couldn't really break him and Snute eventually won = 1 - 2

4. on WCS Shakuras Plateau - BabyK tries strange early Sentry-based aggression that didn't quite work and Snute gained big lead and took the game = 1 - 3

5. on Abyssal City - Once again Snute tried some early roach aggression, but BabyK defended it and counter attacked and crushed Snute = 2 - 3

6. on Metalopolis - BabyK did lots of damage with DT's and followed up with blink stalker all-in that killed Snute = 3 - 3

7. on Delta Quardrant - BabyK did 4-gate and it turned into a 10-minute micro battle that BabyK eventually won = 4 - 3

8. on TPW Crystarium - BabyK did neat 2-base mothership all-in. Unfortunately his vortex backfired and Snute won = 4 - 4

9. on Xel'Naga Caverns - Snute did 2 -base hydralisk/roach attack with overseers making cool creep highway all the way to BabyK's base. BabyK lost natural and Snute got gold base and gained too big a lead = 4 - 5

10. on TPW Tenarsis - Snute managed to do two devastating zergling run-bys into BabyK's main because of sloppy forcefields and Snute gained too big a lead = 4 - 6

11. on Bel'shir Beach (Winter) - BabyK did some really cool heavy sentry aggression on Snute's third and followed up with heavy 2-base all-in with proxy cannons that Snute couldn't defend against = 5 - 6

12. on Arid Plateau - BabyK invested in four early Phoenixes that took out all Snute's Queens, but Snute did a massive counter-attack with roaches and zerglings that BabyK couldn't resist and Snute took the game = 5 - 7

13. on ESV Helios - BabyK did a FFE and cannon aggression that killed two of Snute's queens and a lot of drones. He followed up with heavy gateway aggression that Snute couldn't withstand = 6 - 7

14. on The Eighteenth
- A really zerg favored map that produced a macro game with Snute quickly getting almost 100 drones and a lot of Mutalisks whose numbers just kept growing, and their harassment won Snute the game eventually = 6 - 8

15. on Korhal Compound TE - BabyK went for some 2-base void ray aggression and followed up with  carriers. For a while the game was back and forth, but Snute got out too many corrupters and mutalisks and they eventually crushed the carriers = 6 - 9

16. on Whirlwind - BabyK went for DT's that managed to take out Snute's third base, but at the same time Snute did a counter-attack with Zerglings/Roaches and they did were able to take out a billion probes and Snute took another game = 6 - 10

17. on Python - BabyK did big 2-base sentry/zealot/stalker attack and with perfect forcefields he was able to take out Snute's defense and army and win the game = 7 - 10

18. on Jungle Basin - Snute did a really cool 2-base Nydus play in BabyK's main, and Snute brought around 10 Queens and a bunch of roaches and they absolutely tore BabyK's main apart. This gave him an insane lead and eventually he rolled over BabyK's natural as well = 7 - 11

19. on Ohana - Snute went for some heavy mutalisk play and he managed to hide them all from BabyK, so when they finally attacked BabyK didn't have enough anti-air units and he simply died = 7 - 12

20. on Tal'darim Alter (no rocks) - The longest game so far ending up lasting 45 minutes (I feel so sorry for Kaelaris), which BabyK eventually took by having secured 6 bases and a bank of 10 k minerals and 6 k gas, thus being able to rebuild his army very quickly after the big final engagements = 8 - 12

21. on iCCup Fighting Spirit - Snute tried to go for the sick middle double gold base, but he couldn't stop BabyK's big army when the Protoss finally pushed out = 9 - 12

22. on Dual Sight - BabyK went for a 4-gate and almost broke Snute's defense with great forcefields. Snute had way too many zerglings though and eventually he took the game = 9 - 13

23. on Incineration Zone - Snute did a very quick 1-base all-in roach rush that caught BabyK completely by surprise = 9 - 14

24. on ESV Muspelheim BabyK tried to get some payback by doing a proxy double gateway but Snute scouted it and stayed on one base and deflected the attack. He then went for a roach counter push which BabyK wasn't prepared for at all = 9 - 15

25. on Searing Crater - BabyK never really seemed to understand the map and wasn't able to do a proper wall-in and Snute once again did an early rush and BabyK couldn't defend and just GG'd - 9 - 16

26. on City of the Damned - both players expanded quickly. Snute went for a baneling drop push but BabyK defended very well with stalkers and immortals. BabyK then pushed into Snutes base who really didn't have anything to hold off him - 10 - 16

27. on TPW Ashes - Once again BabyK hadn't exactly figured out how the map worked and he misplaced a pylon completely. Later Snute lured him out on the map by showing only two roaches, but then crushed BabyK's army with a big bunch of hidden roaches as BabyK came out and eventually rolled over BabyK with roaches once again - 10 - 17

28. on iCCup TestBug - BabyK went for a 2-base immortal/sentry attack, but Snute had gone for a massive mutalisk force and they managed to kill almost all of BabyK's probes and afterwards returned home to help kill the remainder of BabyK's attacking force - 10 - 18

29. on TPW Insurrection - Once again BabyK made a very strange wall due to him not having played the map. He followed up with some 5-gate aggression that killed a lot of drones, but didn't break Snute. He followed this up with an all-in 7 gate plus immortal push, but Snute was able to barely deflect it with infestors - 10 - 19

30. on Cloud Kingdom -  Snute went for some low tier heavy pressure with roaches/zerglings and managed to prevent BabyK from take his third for a long ting, while Snute secured a perfect 4 base economy. Snute went for a big infestor based attack at BabyK's third, but it was deflected and BabyK counter-pushed and crushed Snute - 11 - 19

31. on Atlantis Spaceship - Snute weirdly went for a 7 pool, but BabyK scouted it early and walled off and Snute decided to expand and transition instead. Eventually BabyK went for another big 2-base all-in with mainly stalkers, but Snute hadn't been greedy this game and he managed to deflect it - 11 - 20

32. on Scrap Station (according to Kaelaris the best map ever created by Blizzard) - BabyK went double stargate into heavy voidray production. Snute had already gone for heavy Hydralisks though, so he defended and then showed some nice overlord drops and Nydus networks to eventually crush BabyK. Weird game on a weird map :) - 11 - 21

33. on Terminus SE - Both expanded and  BabyK harassed with stalkers and zealots followed up with DTs and killed Snute's third. BabyK eventually followed up with a massive push with mainly blink stalkers and with that he was able to win the game - 12 - 21

34. on Crevasse - BabyK went for cool double stargate into heavy phoenix build, but once again was overrun and caught by surprise by a heavy roach/zergling attack by Snute - 12 - 22

That mean's they're only half way (potentially) :)

For the sake of great SC 2 heroes BabyKnight, Snute, Kaelaris and just E-sports in general, we would love to continue watching and updating from this epic BO 69 series, but unfortunately we can't.

So for the next couple of hours there won't be any updates from us :(

Hopefully they'll still be playing when we get back!

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