29 Sep 2012

FInal result of BO 69 between BabyKnight and Snute

We never got to watch the last matches of yesterday's unique best of 69 between FXO.BabyKnight and GL.Snute, but apparently BabyKnight's performance just gradually worsened as he got more and more tired.

It wasn't surprising that the result of series in the end came down to a test in endurance, which Snute certainly won.

The final score was:

Snute vs. BabyKnight = 35 - 21

Congratulations to Snute!

It was damn impressive that neither Snute, BabyKnight nor Kaelaris gave up somewhere along the way, and all in all it was a really cool idea actually. 

The next time though they should consider splitting it up over a couple of days. It wouldn't as impressive, but a lot more humane for everyone involved.

Oh and btw, we have never seen so much funny in-game chat as in this series, and both Snute and BabyKnight showed that their real heroes when it comes to good manners and humor.

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