26 Sep 2012

GSL code S RO 16 group C - RECAP

Today's GSL code S round of 16 group, consisted of a bunch of experienced GSL nerds in the form of LG-IM_Mvp, EG_JYP, StarTale_Curious and MarineKing_Prime.

Before deciding who the favorites were for the group we had a look at each player's win rate throughout their entire GSL career.

Mvp69,2 % vs. P68,8 % vs. Z - 68,2 % vs. T - average win rate of 68,6 %
(omg! his win rates are almost exactly the same in every matchup)

JYP61,5 % vs. P73,9 % vs. Z27,3 % vs. T - average win rate of 53,4 %

Curious55 % vs. P75 % vs Z 64 % vs. T - average win rate of 63,2 %

MarineKing69,7 % vs. P68,4 % vs. Z45 % vs. T - average win rate of 60,7 %

First match of the day was Mvp vs. JYP and based solely on their respective win rates it should be no difficulty for Mvp to take the series with his 69,2 % vs. P, opposed to JYP's mere 27,3 % vs. T.

Second match of the day was Curious vs. MarineKing and based on their win rates, this should be a closer series, with MarineKing though taking the series with his 68,4 % vs. Z, and Curious barely trailing with his 64 % vs. T.

Following the same strict win rate logic, Mvp would then beat MarineKing in the winner's match, and JYP would defeat Curious in the loser's match.
In the last series MarineKing would then take out JYP, meaning the Mvp and MarineKing would advance.

BUT statistics is one thing, and reality another and whereas Mvp and MarineKing certainly are the two players in the group with the best GSL history, JYP and especially Curious has looked really strong recently.
For instance: Curious beat MarineKing in the RO 32, so we doubt he cares about win rates.

Anyway, now for the Recap!

Mvp vs. JYP

First set was on Abyssal City with Mvp spawning in the left and JYP in the right.

JYP went for a somewhat fast, but also safe sentry into expansion build while Mvp quickly built two extra command centers in his main.
Mvp then flew his command centers out to his natural and shortly afterwards third location.
JYP went for a 2 base push with 6 gates and a single Colossus, but he just poked a bit and then went home and took his third instead.

JYP tried some minor Zealot harass at Mvp's third, but it didn't too massive damage and from there
JYP tried to set up to take his own third.
But at that point Mvp had had a good 3-base economy for while and he was ready to go for a big three base push.
JYP saw it coming and did all he could to try and finish storm, but he did not get it done in time and when MVP arrived at his base he simply had too many vikings that just tore JYP's collossi apart and Mvp took the set.

Second set was on Daybreak.

Mvp took early gas which JYP scouted, but after JYP left the base Mvp cancelled it and went for an early command center instead.
At the same time he built a ebay in JYP's natural to block and delay JYP's expansion.
This caused JYP to throw down two gateways first while taking the ebay out before he could eventually expand.
Perhaps because of the quick three gates, JYP then went for a push around the 7-minute mark with 3 sentries, 5 stalkers and a few zealots, and with this force he managed to catch a bunch of MVP's marines that were out on the map scouting.

He then headed towards the natural of Mvp, but Mvp quickly got a couple of bunkers up and a lot of SCVs ready to repair and JYP therefore retreated.
But then JYP rather sneakily went back to poke again and this time the SCVs weren't there so JYP managed to take out a bunker and good bunch of units by throwing down nice forcefields.
JYP went up to around 7 gates while getting zealots speed and gearing up for templar tech and at this point he was way in the lead with 52 probes to 38 SCVs.

At the 13-minute JYP already had his third so Mvp went for a big 4 medivac drop in JYPs main to try and get back in the game.
MVP did some damage, but when JYP returned to the main he threw down killer storms and took out all of MVPs forces.

Mvp then went for a push at the third, while doing a new small drop in the main. JYP took out both of MVP's attacking forces, but not without losing a lot of probes.
At this point they were even in supply but Mvp was down a base and behind in economy so Mvp decided to go for a big push at JYP's third again while dropping in the natural of JYP.
JYP managed to sneak some high templars up on Mvp's army from behind, but the storms he ended up throwing down were pretty bad and the engagement really favored MVP who could finally take his third.

Mvp went to push again at the third and once again JYP sneaked up high templars from behind and this time they threw down some really effective storms.
At the same time JYP did some Zealot harass at Mvp's natural and at this point they had both killed almost 30 workers in the game.
JYP then went for a big push at the third of Mvp which was in the left center, and Mvp's army had gone up to his natural to clean up the Zealots.
This meant that JYP easily could take out Mvp's third and when Mvp's army arrived to defend, JYP threw down perfect storms to really win him the engagement, and apart from a few cloaked ghosts Mvp had nothing left and shortly afterwards he GG'd.

Third set was on Entombed valley.

JYP went for a gate and cybernetics in his main, and then a proxy gate outside Mvp's natural.
Mvp had taking his natural rather quickly, but also built a bunker in front of his natural.
Mvp scouted the proxy gate so he got all his marines back in his bunker which meant he was safe.
So JYP was behind economically and therefore decided to double expand to try and catch up.
Mvp then took out JYP's proxy gate, without JYP even trying to defend it and JYP threw down 5 gates at home instead.

Mvp went for a big push and JYP didnt have a lot of units, but a bit of stuff and 4 sentries and he managed to trap some of Mvp's units on the ramp and this meant Mvp had to retreat.
Instead JYP went for a big counterattack at Mvp's natural, but Mvp had a bunch of bunkers and defended perfectly making it a very bad engagement for JYP.
So now Mvp was far ahead in supply and when he went for the counterpush JYP didnt have enough forcefields to defend and the bio army of Mvp tore him apart.

Mvp vs. JYP = 2-1

Curious vs. MarineKing

First set was on Ohana with Curious spawning in the top and MarineKing in the bottom.

MarineKing went double rax at 11 supply. He placed them both in the top of his main wanting to fly them down and go for some heavy agression. Curious couldn't find any barracks so guessed that some sort of agression was coming.

MarineKing pulled 6 SCVs and along with the first bunch of marines he went to push at the natural of Curious and started building a bunker there.
Curious pulled all drones except for two to try and deny MarineKing's agression and he forced a cancel on the first bunker. Marineking started building another but now Curious had around 6 zerglings out.
He trapped MarineKing in the corner preventing the marines from entering the bunker, but at the same time MarineKing's marines had a perfect spot in the corner to take out so many of curious units.
Eventually he got the bunker up and as some more marines arrived he took the game.

The second set was on Whirlwind with Curious spawning in the top left and MarineK in the top right.

Curious went for a expand into quick gas and pool aiming for fast zergling speed and eventually a baneling bust.
Unfortunately for him MarineKing had gone quick gas into reactor'd hellions and banshees while staying on one base.

This was practically a buildorder loss for Curious and it didn't help that MarineKing scouted the incoming attack and took out the 6 first zerglings of Curious.
Curious tried the baneling bust, but the hellions in MarineKings main dealt with the attack rather easily and at this point the supply was 44 to 28 in MarineKing's favor.
Eventually MarineKing attacked with 8 hellions and Curious could do nothing against them so MarineKing took the game and the series.

MarineKing vs. Curious = 2-0

Mvp vs. MarineKing

First set was on Whirlwind with Mvp spawning in the top left and MarineKing the bottom right.
MarineKing went for 2 gas quickly into banshees, but Mvp scouted the two gasses.
Mvp went for reactor'd hellions while MarineKing also went for cloak for his banshees while they both threw down another command center in their main.
As MarineKing's banshee arrived at Mvp's base there was already a viking out.

Mvp scanned and took out the banshee without it doing any damage at all. MarineKing then sent another banshee and even a third and both of them were killed instantly which meant he had wasted so much money on nothing.
Mvp then counter-attacked with his hellions at the natural of MarineKing, who lost a ton of SCVs and at this point Mvp doubled the supply of MarineKing who stayed in the game as he always does, but eventually was rolled over when Mvp pushed out again.

The second set was on Daybreak and a pretty epic game.

Mvp went for quick banshee this time (no cloak) and then expand whereas MarineKing just went for a quick expand.
Mvp killed 6 SCVs with his single no-cloack banshee, which ironically was a lot more damage than MarineKing did with his three cloaked banshees in the previous set.
Mvp built another command center while going for a marine/tank composition and MarineKing on the other hand geared up for a big two base marine/medivac push at the 10 minute mark.

In the meantime though, MVP had sneaked his old banshee back into the main of MarineKing and it took out a lot of SCVs.
MarineKing went for a two medivac drop in MVP's main, but Mvp denied the drop with vikings.
So Mvp was ahead, but MarineKing then did quick marine push at Mvp's third which he managed to take out.

Meanwhile MarineKing took his own third so Mvp decided it was time for some payback and so he went for drops both at the the main and third of MarineKing.
MarineKing was ready for it though and he denied both drops and suddenly he was ahead in supply. Mvp retook his third this time in the center while placing a big defensive siege tank line around it and from here the game was very back in forth.
They attacked each other's third and both managed to kill a lot of SCV's

MarineKing tried to break Mvp in the center a couple of times some times winning engagements, and other times losing them.
They both took their fourth while constantly trying different attacks and drops.
Mvp did some very big and effective drops in the main of MarineKing while also attacking the third. MarineKing couldn't do anything about it so he decided to go for a MASSIVE DOOM drop at Mvp's third and in a matter of seconds he took out the third and the natural and moved into the main of Mvp.

At the same time though, Mvp was also taking out all of MarineKing's bases and it was suddenly a basetrade with both of them only having their original fourth base left.
Mvp managed to take out MarineKing's fourth while having a lot of siege tanks at his own fourth making it pretty safe.
So Mvp was the only one mining and MarineKing knew he had to try and attack, but all Mvp had to do was keep all his tanks sieged, and there was no was for MarineKing of breaking it and Mvp won the epic game and the series comfortably.

Mvp vs. MarineKing = 2-0

JYP vs. Curious

First set was on Whirlwind with Curious in the top left and JYP in the bottom right.

Curious went double expand before anything else, and JYP had gone for a forge fast expand and since he scouted the early third of Curious he went for a cannon rush forcing a cancel on the third of Curious.

JYP also went for some zealot harass at the natural and it actually killed some drones.
Curious took a new third in the top center and from here they both focused a bit on economy with JYP going for phoenixes and a heavy 2 base attack.
JYP also managed to sneak a pylon into Curious main and warp in a lot of units that did a good amount of damage.
But Curious had taken his fourth and focused on drones so he was actually ahead in supply but behind in tech as JYP had pumped out Colossi while taking his third.

At this point Curious had a lot of corrupters out but JYP still did a lot of good phoenix harass where he really used their speed advantage over the corrupters.
Curious then took his fifth and JYP took his fourth which he could safely because Curious lair was really late.
They had a big engagement in the middle of the map, but Curious had too many curropters and while he took out JYP's colossi easily, the ground forces of JYP tore his own ground army apart.
JYP then pushed at the fourth of Curious who managed to defend with spines and infestors.

From here they tried different kinds of harassment and small aggressions without doing too much damage to each other. In the meantime JYP had taking his fifth base in a sneaky place in the top right corner.

When they were both at max supply they had a big engagement where JYP landed a massive vortex on all the infestors, giving him the chance to take them out when they popped back out again.
At this point JYP was far ahead in economy and he also did some effective warp prism harassment in the main of Curious.
Curious decided to do a final big push with his big broodlord/infestor force, but he didn't know about the sneaky 5th and also 6th base of JYP in the top right corner.

The game turned into an exciting basetrade with both player's easily taking all the other player's main bases out.
Eventually Curious realized that JYP had two bases in the top corner so he knew he had to engage and so they engaged for won final time.
JYP threw down killer storms, but lost all high templars.
Once again though he landed a big vortex on all the infestors and eventually he crushed Curious' forces winning him a pretty thrilling set.

The second set was on Daybreak with JYP in the top right and Curious in the bottom left.

JYP went for another FFE while also placing a pylon to block the natural of Curious.
Once again he also went for a cannon rush at the third of Curious and once again he forced a cancel and at this point we felt pretty sorry for poor Curious.

Curious, who was pretty far behind decided to go for some 2-base infestor play while JYP geared up for a big 6-7 gateway push (with blink) and he started warping in at the pylon from his cannon rush.
Curious threw down a bunch of spines at his natural, and with his infestors he just barely managed to deny the first couple of attacks from JYP.
But JYP just keep warping in units eventually also morphing archons and when they arrived at the natural of Curious they did massive damage. Curious switched into roaches and managed to hold on for a bit more, but JYP switched to mass stalker and with good blink micro rolled over Curious

JYP vs. Curious = 2-0

MarineKing vs. JYP

First set was on Entombed Valley with JYP in the top left and MarineKing in the bottom right.

MarineKing went for quick command center in his main and JYP for cybernetics into expand.
MarineKing went for a big 2-base Marine/Medivac with stim and plus 1 attack.
JYP on the other hand went for quick Colossus and actually managed to catch some of MarineKings army that had moved out on the map, and although he lost his first and only Colossus he also took out most of MarineKings army and denied the attack.

Instead they both took their third and MarineKing tried to push again, but JYP had as many Colossi as he had vikings so he could not attack.
So MarineKing then went up to two starports and eventually 12 vikings.
MarineKing then pushed out once again and when they finally engaged just before the 17 minute mark, MarineKing positioned all his vikings perfectly and managed to crush JYP in the engagement and take the set.

The 2nd set was on Daybreak.

MarineKing went for hellions and a quick starport, and JYP for a quick 3 gate with blink build.
MarineKing then went for a four hellion drop in JYP's main, and he wasn't ready for it at all and he lost 13-14 probes.
After this JYP had to try and do some damage with his blink stalker push, but MarineKIng knew the agression would be coming so he placed down a bunker and also got a tank out.
JYP blinked into the main and took out the tank and some SCVs, but MarineKing got a surround on him and took out all his stalkers.

From here MarineKing expanded safely with JYP also expanded but way later and he was also far behind in supply. This caused JYP to desperately go for DTs to try and catch up.
JYP only warped in one DT and of course it didn't do any damage as MarineKing had turrets ready.

On seeing this Tasteless started a hilarious joke about him having been sure that the single DT would be able to crush MarineKing's entire army and eventually take out the entire base of MarineKing.

That didn't happen though and from here MarineKing took his third while doubling JYP's supply.

Eventually MarineKing just attacked with everything and he had so much more than JYP that it was depressing to watch. JYP tried to throw down forcefields, but MarineKing picked up all his army and dropped on top of JYP's forces and that ended the series and knocked JYP out of code S for now.

MarineKing vs. JYP = 2-0

So all in all it was a day where most series were rather one-sided, but a few of the games were really epic.
In the end it was Mvp and MarineKing who moved on to the Round of 8 just as our initial average win rate logic had predicted.

That just goes to show you that stats never lie...

Best game of the day: Game 2 of Mvp vs. MarineKing

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