13 Sep 2012

GSL code S RO 32 group G

Beware of Spoilers

We didn't have a chance to watch a lot of yesterday's games in group G which consisted of Life, Nestea, JYP and SuperNova.
Even though JYP and Life (with his ludicrously high win rate in ZvZ) are good players, we expected Nestea and SuperNova to take the two top spots and move on to the round of 16.

Mainly because they are both so experienced code S players, that we expected them both to deal better with the pressure and play the games necessary to advance.
On top of that SuperNova has shown some really good play lately and also more of the consistency that he has sometimes been lacking.

We were gravely mistaken however and Life absolutely tore the group apart with 2 easy victories and a 4-0 score. JYP took the other spot which was certainly also somewhat of a surprise.

We did get to watch the first series between Life and Nestea. And while Nestea used to be the God of ZvZ, it was definitely Life that looked godlike in that series. Life simply looked better in every aspect of that matchup and it was actually a bit sad for us to see Nestea outplayed like that.

And while no one can argue that Nestea is a bad player, the fact is that for a long time a lot of newer and younger players have simply developed their play more.
But we have always enjoyed seeing Nestea tearing nerds apart, partly because he is one of the oldest SC2 pros. And for some reason we feel that it's comforting that you can win games even though you are 29 and not 19 any more.
Perhaps because it's easy to understand that it get's harder and harder to dedicate every second of the day to training SC2. Especially if you start establishing a family and so forth.

Anyway, we hope to see him back again next season, but it will be hard no doubt.

Congratulations to Life and JYP. We feel sorry for the zerg players that might bump into Life later on in the tournament.

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