13 Sep 2012

GSL season 4 RO 32 group H

Recap incoming - BEWARE OF SPOILERS

 So today was the final group of this season's round of 32.

It consisted of Bomber, DongRaiGu, GuMiho and Polt who had to battle for the final two spots in the RO 16.
So one of the absolute best Zergs in the world and three really consistent and killer Terrans.

First series was between Startale_Bomber and MVPDongRaiGu and it was supposedly a really cool series.
We only had a chance to watch the third and final set after both players had won a set. And if we had to compare this set to an icecream flavor it would be chocolate. Mostly just because we like that flavor and we liked this game as well.
DongRaiGu used some really cool Mutalisk harassment to keep Bomber in his base. It was a cool style where he never actually went for SCVs with the Mutas, but instead just kept snatching add-ons and supply depots. And then when Bomber finally moved out he finally went for the drones with his mutas and at the same time attacked with Zerglings at the third. And then after doing loads of damage he went back with the Mutas and along with a big number of Banelings they were able to crush Bomber's army and thus DRG took the first series.

DongRaiGu vs. Bomber = 2-1

Second series was between FXOGuMiho and TSL_Polt and was an ok series. If we had to compare it to an icecream flavor it would be the strawberry. Just because it's red and tasty.

First set was on Daybreak and we expected a pretty long game that could end up in a classic TvT split map situation. GuMiho however dominated Polt completely. Maybe because of the lucky piece of cloth that he places over the mouse, or maybe just because he is a bad ass kid.
Anyway, they went for pretty much the same Tank/marine/medivac composition but GuMiho just rolled over Polt when they finally engaged.

Second set was on Antiga shipyard and whereas game 1 looked one-sided in favor of GuMiho this game was a lot closer in general. In the early game Polt went bio and GuMiho went mech, and in this phase Polt generally seemed to be able to use his composition better.
Polt used his mobility and did some nasty drops that killed around 30-35 SCVs. GuMiho didn't have his defense positioned all too well during these drops, and all the damage Polt did allowed him to take control of the center with a big number of siege tanks. GuMiho tried to attack into the center but couldn't break Polt so Polt felt safe enough to start transitioning into skyterran. GuMiho had been smart as well though and built a lot of vikings and ravens along with his mech army. With this composition he was able to put on some pretty good pressure on Polt's army in the center. But then Polt moved out with a Battlecruiser fleet and they killed GuMiho.

Third set was on Cloud Kingdom and was actually a really cool and close game. Once again Polt seemed to favor bio (as he always does) whereas GuMiho seemed to favor Mech. GuMiho used a cool Helion/viking composition to control the map and this allowed him to take his third faster than Polt.
Polt invested heavily in marauders and tried to break GuMiho's third, but he was too well defended. From this point on it was a very back and forth game where both players kept moving forth in different locations. They both played really well in all of the engagements in this phase but at some point Polt caught GuMiho's army unsieged and this gave him too big a lead and GuMiho resigned.
A very good comeback from Polt that looked like he was in big trouble in the first set, but really showed some good bio skill in the next two sets.

Polt vs. GuMiho = 2 - 1

Third series was the winners DongRaiGu and Polt going at it for a spot in the RO 16.

First set was on whirlwind. DongRaiGu went for his classic style three base opening with some heavy drone production.
At some point Polt did a big push but DRG held it beautifully by building the exact right amount of units in the very last second and then sandwiching Polt's army.
From here on DRG's three base economy gave him what he needed to do a giant and insane baneling bust on Polts base and with constant zerglings and Mutas streaming in, Polt had to GG

Second set was on Antiga shipyard.
DRG played some of his usual three base zergling/baneling/mutalisk style again. This time he also had an absolute fantastic creepspread that went all the way to Polts base. Polt was also on 3 bases and when DRG took his fourth and fifth at the same time Polt decided to move out. But moving around on DRG's creep is not a very safe thing to do, unless you're chuck norris or a T-Rex with a light saber.
Polt had neither in his army though and at some point Polt's tanks were unsieged for a second too long and drg rolled in and crushed his army.
After that DRG had 5 bases against the three bases of Polt, and of top of that he had a massive supply lead, so that was game over for Polt

DongRaiGu vs. Polt = 2 - 0

Fourth series was between the loser's of the two first games GuMiho and Bomber.

First set on whirlwind
They both got up to three bases relatively unharmed. At this point GumiHo did a 4 medivac drop with siege tanks and marines in Bombers main that Bomber had not anticipated at all as he had his entire army out on the map. The drop did massive damage and took out a lot of supply depots and production fascilities. This provoked Bomber into attacking into GumiHo's natural but he had siege tanks set up and was able to defend pretty well. Bomber did manage to take out Gumiho's third though, by parking the tanks outside his natural. From here on the game stabilized a bit as they cleared each other's armies up.
Gumiho then took a sneaky fourth on the opposite side of the map. Bomber scouted it and tried to drop it, but Bomber defended it. Then Bomber tried to do a massive drop in GuMiho's main, but Gumiho scouted it with vikings. Bomber was never able to catch up after this and GuMiho took the game.

Second set was on Ohana
Bomber placed a proxy barracks with a tech lab just outside GuMiho's main. GuMiho scouted Bomber's proxy marauder plan and started a bunker immediately.
This caused Bomber to give up his initial plan and follow up with a proxy factory and starport.
He then tried to drop in GuMiho's main with a few marauders, marines and a couple of helions. He did this a couple of times but never did any real damage.
From here he went for cloaked banshees from his proxy starport, but GuMiho knew it was coming and he built a viking. Bomber never did any real damage with the banshees and eventually all his initial aggression ended.
From there GuMiho was able to move out on the map while building a third orbital. This gave him an economic lead over Bomber who only had two orbitals. GuMiho dropped some marines in Bombers main while assisting with tanks from the low ground, and he was able to take out Bomber's tech lab that was upgrading stim. GuMiho also pushed a bit at the natural and there he took out Bomber's third that was under production.
At this point GuMiho was in a pretty big lead so Bomber decided to try to do a doomdrop to find some way back in the game, but GuMiho scouted it almost by chance and took out all of the medivacs with all the units in them. This was a gameending move at this point and GuMihos lead was too big and he took the series and with that bombed Bomber out of the Code S.

GuMiho vs. Bomber = 2 - 0

The last series of the day was a rematch between GuMiho and Polt and this series was easily our favorite series of the day.

First set was on Abyssal City and it was an insane TvT. It was a really unique game and we have a hard time describing everything that happened, but we'll try do give an overview.
GuMiho did a helion drop in the beginning in Polts main, but Polt was ready and it did practically no damage.
From here on GuMiho transitioned into a mech composition whereas Polt once again focused on building up his bio force.
GuMiho went for a ton of blue flames helions.
When they were both on three bases Polt pushed at GuMihos third base and was able to take it out because Gumiho had a hard time defending with his helions against the sieged up tanks that supported Polt's bio troops.
Instead Gumiho went for a counterpush with an insane helion/viking/raven composition. It was a weird but successful push because a lot of Polts army was still parked outside Polt's third.
From here the game just went wild and very back and forth for a while with both players doing massive damage to the other at different locations.
Around the 25 minute mark they had both killed more 50 SCVs but GuMiho had more mining bases, because had done some amazing helionbased attacks on Polt's different bases that also showed that helions actually can take out command centers, tanks and all this other stuff that they arent supposed to take out. In the end GuMihos economy was just a lot better and eventually he pushed out with a big thor/tank army that Polt could not stop and GuMiho took first game.

Second set was on Entombed valley.
Polt went for cloaked banshees and Gumiho once again went for a heavy helion style. Polt didn't do much damage with the banshees and when Gumiho got a raven out Polts banshee agression was completely over. Polt followed this up with a tank/marine push and was able to siege up at the ramp at GuMiho's natural. GuMiho was just barely able to defend with a strange helion/raven/banshee composition, but he took quite a lot of damage and Polt got a supply lead.
They were both on two bases and Polt decided to do another big push and exploit the fact that GuMiho still did not have siege mode. Once again Polt sieged up at the ramp of Gumiho's natural and once again he did a lot of damage. But Gumiho pulled off another miraculous hold with some good raven usage with some point defence drones.
The problem for Gumiho was that Polt kept having a supply lead and that Polt was able to build up a decent force quicker. This allowed Polt to control the map and take a fourth base behind this.
Gumiho tried to move out a bit on the map with his mech force, but Polt was able to engage from a multiple sides and win the engagement.
From here on Polt could push into GuMiho's third and Gumiho could do nothing but GG.

Third and last set of the day was on Daybreak.
This time GuMiho went for bio as well.
Polt went for a nice two base marine/marauder push on Gumiho's natural. Polt's army was bigger, but GuMiho was able to hold by bringing his SCVs and by having two medivacs which Polt did not have.
This attack gave Polt a lead in SCV's but while this was going on GuMiho had begun building his third which Polt had not so the economy was pretty even in fact.
In stead of building his third a well, Polt did a two pronged attack by dropping in Gumiho's main and attacking the third at the same time. With this he killed a lot of SCVs and from here Polt took his third. This gave him an economic lead as he had lost no SCVs and had too fully saturated bases already.
At this point Gumiho decided to try and do a big drop in Polt's main but Polt was ready for it and the drop did no damage. At the same time Polt caught a lot of GuMiho's army out on the map and Polt gained a massive supply lead after this.
From here Polt pushed at Gumihos third and this attack could not be stopped. Polt continued into GuMiho's natural and that was it.
So Polt took the last spot in the RO 16, and GuMiho was thrown into code A even though he showed a really original and cool style today.
Congratulations to Polt though for making two amazing comebacks on one day against the same player.

Polt vs. GuMiho = 2 - 1

If we have to recommend one game it would be the first set of the second series between Polt and GuMiho. Everyone who has every been bored watching TvT, should watch this game cause it was pretty damn cool.
We look forward to the RO 16 and this season it's actually pretty damn impossible to guess who can make it into the RO 8 as there are so many good players fighting for the spots.

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